The difference between Panasonic high-speed placement machine and general-purpose machine

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There are NPM series high-speed placement machines and CM series high-speed general-purpose machines as representative models, so how to distinguish high-speed placement machines and general-purpose machines? The distinction between high-speed placement machines and general-purpose placement machines can be seen from Panasonic's model positioning name. The high-speed placement machines take NPM series as the main new equipment, and the CM series general-purpose machines are represented by CM602. The high-speed placement machine is for the surface mount of CHIP components (ie resistors and capacitors) and small three-tubes. It requires very fast placement speed. The universal placement machine requires very high precision of surface mount components. The special-shaped components with high foot density are mainly used. The general-purpose machine pursues the precision of the surface mount, so it is relatively slow compared to the high-speed mounter. However, the Panasonic mounter CM602 series models are more balanced in this regard. There is a very high efficiency in the pursuit of speed and precision.


 The core features of the high-speed placement machine: 

1. It is composed of various structures, including large-scale parallel, turret, compound and other structural styles. 

2. The range of mounted components is relatively small, and the range of components that can be mounted (0603~7474).

3. The components mounted by the high-speed placement machine are usually packaged by tape and reel. 

4. The placement head of the high-speed placement machine can mount at full speed when picking up and placing small components, and the number of heads of the high-speed placement machine is relatively large. 

5. The high-speed placement machine is mainly based on vacuum suction nozzles. Second, the general-purpose placement machine features: 

1. The general-purpose placement machine adopts an arch-type structure, with very high precision and flexibility. 

2. Most of the general-purpose placement machines are driven by fully closed-loop servo motors in the X and Y positioning systems, and use linear grating encoders for direct position feedback to avoid errors due to screw distortion. Some use double motors and double screw rods on both sides of the platform in the y-axis, and use double linear grating scales for feedback, which can effectively reduce the waiting caused by the static placement of the placement head, and reduce the asynchronous deformation of the beam. error. There are more advanced linear magnetic levitation motors. In addition to the technical characteristics of various double drives, they also have the characteristics of direct drive, less wear and tear of mechanical structure, fast feedback, quietness, easy maintenance and high precision. 

3. The universal placement machine can accept all material packaging methods, such as tape and reel, tube, box and reel. In addition, when there are many materials in the tray, a multi-layer special tray feeder can be installed. 

4. Most of the general-purpose placement machines adopt the fixed type of circuit boards. The X and Y positioning is realized by the movement of the placement head, and the large or heavier components will not be displaced due to inertia due to the movement of the table. 

5. In addition to the traditional vacuum suction nozzles, the general-purpose placement machine can use special suction nozzles for components that are difficult to absorb. 6. The speed of general-purpose placement machines in processing small chip components is far from that of high-speed placement machines. Some high-speed placement machines can achieve multi-functional placement speeds when placing small chip components. Machine placement of the same components several times the speed.


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