What is automatic placement machine nozzle cleaning machine

Release time:2022-09-12 14:28:10

1 、Overview

ZH-9823 nozzle cleaning machine can automatically complete the nozzle cleaning and drying process, mainly used for cleaning and mounting small components, such as: 0603, 0402, 0201, 01005, 03015 and other high-precision nozzles.

ZH-9823 is the latest nozzle cleaning machine developed by our company. In the design process of this nozzle cleaning machine, we used our company's rich experience in fluid equipment development, foresighted the development trend of nozzle cleaning machines, and absorbed a lot of customers' opinions and suggestions. The new concept of the machine. The machine takes PLC as the control core, adopts modular control, adopts multiple protection measures in design, has high degree of automation, strong reliability and excellent performance. The cleaning system of this machine adopts the pulsed pressurized cleaning method, which is more efficient and cleaner than traditional models.


Main features of this machine:

○The appearance adopts a streamlined design, which is beautiful and elegant; 

○Use 3 nozzles to clean 10 rows of 30 suction nozzles in turn to achieve high efficiency and energy saving; 

○The whole inspection window is convenient for maintenance and operation;

○The parts in contact with water are all made of 304 stainless steel, preventing Rust, anti-corrosion, strong and stable; 

○Humanized design, one-key start and stop on the external button; 

○Using touch screen + PLC distributed control, stable and reliable performance; ○Easy to operate, friendly interface and switch between Chinese and English at any time. 

○It has a malfunction alarm and emergency braking system, and an overload protection system; 

○It uses environmentally friendly and non-polluting industrial pure water (soft water with HP value of 5-7); 

○The centralized collection of waste is convenient for maintenance.

2. Main technical parameters

Machine parameters:


520MM×450MM×620 MM   

Power supply (two-phase two-wire)

2P2W,220VAC ,50/60Hz,  20A

Power requirements


Air pressure

0.5 - 0.6MPa 



Electrical control part parameters:

total power


pure compressed air

Touch screen+PLC

pure compressed air


injection pressure

0.4 MPa

air consumption

280NL/min the following

liquid type

Industrial pure water

fluid consumption


liquid storage


Intake pipe/drain pipe

¢8 / ¢6

Nozzle Tray Specification

Default single row 3 nozzles 10 rows 30 nozzles

Cleaning nozzle specifications

0402、0201 、01005、03015


35-60 dB

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