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Release time:2022-09-12 14:20:50

Affected by the global epidemic and sub-independent advanced chips, the development of 3C manufacturing enterprises will be limited in 2022. Compared with previous years, the exchange rate of solution services in purchasing imported equipment has fallen, and the price of equipment has shrunk seriously. But this is a good opportunity for enterprises to start with imported equipment at a low price, then Chiham Motor Electromechanical provides professional SMT equipment solution services for everyone, and customizes reliable SMT production lines for customers. aboutban So what is the equipment list for SMT equipment? 

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Chiham Motor Electromechanical shares the customer's complete line equipment case for everyone! Case 1. The placement machine takes the imported Panasonic placement machine NPM-D3A as the main machine and is equipped with domestic peripheral equipment: automatic loading machine/monorail connecting table/automatic flipping machine/automatic stacking machine/parallel transplanting machine/OKNG Unloader/Double-track connection table/3D SPI inspection machine/Dual-track online AOI/Panasonic high-speed placement machine NPM-D3A*6/LNB server/feeder Panasonic 8/12mm feeder*60/Solder paste printer/Dual-track A list of equipment such as reflow ovens/wave soldering machines. The above devices are not in any order. Case 2. SMT equipment is actually the machine required for surface mount technology. Generally, a whole SMT line usually includes the following equipment: automatic board loading machine, printing machine, connecting table, automatic stacking machine, SPI, placement machine, Plug-in machine, reflow soldering, wave soldering, AOI, X-ray, OK/NG board unwinding machine (with buffer memory) and other relatively complete smt wiring list equipment, different enterprise production lines can add or delete related equipment according to actual product needs, must have The equipment includes printing machine, placement machine, reflow soldering.

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