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      SHENZHEN CHIHAM Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the sales and leasing of Panasonic mounter and SMT production line automation equipment for ten years, providing equipment services for 3C electronic manufacturing factories.Main business is sells Panasonic brand npm/cm/dt/bm series high-speed SMT machine, peripheral equipment automatic printing machine, AOI testing machine, reflow soldering, upper and lower board machine, docking station and other equipment have sale and rental solutions, wholesale original brand-new accessories and self-developed CM, NPM machine accessories, Feeder calibrator, Feeder, driver, junk box, aluminum shovel, suction nozzle, magnetic thimble, non-magnetic thimble, track belt, angle belt, vacuum pump belt, drag chain, board card, signal cable, camera cable, light cable, imported sealing ring, bearing, maintenance oil and other products.

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1 SMT Mounter accessories sales assistant

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